Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is a whim. I am very prone to whims I'm afraid. You see there is the 4000 word essay I need to finish...and I just popped into the store to buy more thread for the Leanne's House quilt, when I found myself looking at all the beautiful yarns that were taunting me from the shelves 'look at me' 'touch me' 'take me home' and so I did...and we do need a cushion for our bed so our bedroom looks a bit more masculine (now that's another dilemna, sorry story) and you only needed three balls of this most tactile yarn, and the pattern was free, and very easy and its knitted up on size 9 I bought it, even though that pesky little voice in my head was insisting on reminding me about the quilt, the ripple blanket for my daughter that is almost there, the 4000 word report and the Shepherd's Bush crossstitch that my beautiful friend gave me for my birthday is rather bare and you feel my pain?
It is lovely though isn't it? My poor little camera and the flood of autumn light doesn't really paint the right picture, but I assure you it is sooooo soft and knobbly and reminds me of cocoons and hobbits and with winter looming who wouldn't want to be cocooned in a hobbit's lair, stitching, knitting and baking for warmth?
I've knitted 2 balls already and I am thinking of backing the cushion with some sensual silk or sateen to just saturate the tactile experience.
Well back to the 4000 report for now,
hope all is well in your part of the world,

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Suse said...

Ah, the siren call of the yarn ... it is not to be resisted.

Re your question on my blog, the trick is to pull really tight on the first stitch on each dpn. As you can see from the photo, I slacken off from my own advice somewhat as the ladders are quite obvious.