Monday, May 12, 2008

Autumn tones

It would be easy to feel a little sad that summer has left us here for a while, what with the days becoming shorter, the winds blowing a tad stronger and that feeling looming in the air that tells you winter is just around the corner.
Yet a general inspection reveals a reason to celebrate this Autumn season and to be thankful for all that she offers. Pansies ready to burst into colour.
The pot of cacti don't mind a bit of cooler weather...
and Maude the keeper of the fescue grass pot is asking for a sensible cardigan to wear pretty soon...
the summer annuals are putting up a brave last stand...
and the geraniums have great work ethics no matter what the weather throws their way...
and see here? Good old mother nature is making a promise to send Spring in good time when these tiny ranunculus bulbs will ring out a chorus of colour.

We have tulips over here too Jane, in autumn, that is in the form of a glorious African Tulip tree that all the birds lodge in at this time of year.
They have use of all the facilities including antique bathing ponds.
The ground cover camellias are winter stalwarts and are just starting to stretch and awaken, showing off their snowy white attire.
This liquid amber tree is a pure delight. It has taught our children soooo much about the seasons. Here she is donning her golden throw that she so generously shares with the plants below, just in case they can't stand up to the cold like she can.
The frangipanni's party is over, all that is left is a late guest, pondering the world from her sculptural form.

And the times they are a changin' in the vege patch too - the summer parade of lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum, spring onions, cucumbers and marigolds have left town and now it's time to let the winter crop take over town. We plan to plant carrots, potatoes, zucchini, squash and more onions and garlic - will keep you updated.
The mint is so so - it doesn't like the extra drying winds, especially when it's keepers forget to water it.
Here are some pansies that are eager to please - adorable white faces with violet centres.
A closeup of the tulips ala southern hemisphere sub tropical autumn.

I never did have much of a 'thing' for foliage plants - must be a sign of maturity - sort of like brussel sprouts - yet these coleus are amazing - this is my little Moulin Rouge section of our garden - full of velvety plants that throw up their skirts with gay abandon.
Bye bye zinnias - you have been so faithful, filling my vases inside with your effervescence - I am letting them go to seed so their babies will make my vases full next year.
Don't ask me why this is called 'snow in summer' 'cause its autumn I think I'll rename it 'Snow in Autumn - in the subtropics - on the coast' there...all those in favour?
Here's a pineapple that's just sitting around (like for ages) ready to stretch out when the lemon grass dies off for the winter - its scared of frosts - the pineapple is a result of planting the top bit you cut off -we've had heaps bear fruit this've just got to be very patient 'cause they take a long time.

And here is a cone flower, acting like Custer's last stance, a solitary beacon amongst her slumbering friends.
Time for bed little cone flower.
The gardenias spot flower all year - their scent is heavenly and fills the house with the essence of summer - no oil burner required!

And lastly the azaleas like to poke their (blurry) heads out from under the pine trees to say hello around this time of year - I hope to look back at these entries one day and be glad that my photography skills have reached greater heights. (A photography course is the next box I want to tick off when I finish the teaching degree!)
Hope you've enjoyed the little jaunt around our autumn garden and if its autumn in your little part of this world look for the wonders that are all around.

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Jojo said...

Hello Sally
I just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by at Annabella Moonthreads....always a lovely surprise to find a new visitor. The girls are all gathering together to form a quilt & then they will go to Sydney in June....somewhat a little chilly down there I would imagine, compared to Queensland.
I love our patch of sub tropical rainforest & garden here I can see that you too love your definitely helps to keep one grounded & happy. cheerio from jo