Friday, February 24, 2012

Mother Load

Dear reader, I have been very inconsistent in my attentions to this Blog of mine - but this seems to be a reflection of all the goings on in my life - nothing seems to be completed, not that I'm aiming for perfection, just a little sigh of satisfaction would do...

So I've returned to this place I've created, selfishly for my own therapy really, to record all that is whirling around me willy nilly, to create a place of calm out of the vortex of life.

Take this little guy for an example....looking out our back door into the world,(well it's a herd of goats - but you get the picture??) not yet walking, innocent and smelling only like babies can. This is our first born....18 years ago!! And yes I've left very large gaps in this blog of mine cause I've been trying very hard to be a good mother to our brood of now 4, a loving,understanding wife, mature aged uni graduate, reliable big sister and devoted daughter and daughter in law (DIL) and an awesome, inspiring part time teacher - whew, no wonder the blog posts are sparse. Did I mention that I love knitting, crochet, dressmaking, baking, gardening and cruising the net?  Oh! back to the babe in the door above...well he has flown the coop so to to Uni...we smothered took him down to where he'll live now - bought him a huge load of groceries, pegs, bandaids showed him around and finally after much eye rolling on his part, we reluctantly said our goodbyes. Someone once told me (I was inconsolable when they all finished pre school too - so people round here are kind of used to all this) that you give your children two gifts - roots and wings - that makes me feel somewhat better....somewhat. Babe number 2 has her L plates and will soon be going for her Ps - this is one step in the Ludo game of life - that bit of Independence that lets them stray from the nest....number 3 babe has just last night started an after school job....and our baby started high school this year - 13 years of primary school canteen duties folded and put away....but hey, they are all happy babies, doing well in all they pursue, so I've gotta be glad for that. I just look forward to the day when I can again sit on the floor and watch Play School with a little one - a little grandchild maybe in quite a few years - now that's something to look forward to isn't it?

Talk to you soon,
Sally xxx

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