Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thermal Glee

There has been some knitting happening in these parts - just a sprinkling through the school hols activity schedule. The Thermis (picci below from Ravelry :: Kris Knits) is almost done :: I'm procrastinating over the buttons - would love some earthy black ones :: if only I could find some!
Then there is the very utalitarian school vest I'm making for my youngest to wear to school to keep her chest warm under her school jacket (good grief I sound like my grandmother!!) I so wanted to knit a cabled vest to take the shine off the utalitarian a little, yet seems cables are only designed for the under 4 and over 24 set and although I'd love to have the skills to sketch, design and work out a pattern for such a beauty :: sadly these skills evade me ::maybe one day?

If you are in Aus did you get addicted toMasterchef (great show)? I stayed up after the finale to watch a preview for a TV show that will be aired here later this year, it's called Glee and wow was it good! Go to youtube here and if you missed it - the trailer kinda fills you in. I thought maybe it was just me - you know when no one else seems to share your enthusiasm- yet judging by the comments left on youtube I'm not alone on this one. Lots of, well, glee happening in the show - kinda High School Musical meets School of Rock.
I have today ordered none less than 6 organic seed catalogues to peruse in another step to make the sustainable sort of...veggie garden a reality - now here's something I can sketch, design and make.

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