Tuesday, July 14, 2009

La Vie En Rose!

My poor little blog...how neglected you've been...so much happening in my world outside this cyberspace...I've missed your sweet company and have come to visit to make amends.

I have still been perusing the delightful blogs that I love - popping in for a quick chat and then back to reality...sigh. Kris over at Townmouse provided the 'kindling' to get my blog fire burning again - she has purchased some beautiful stitchery books from Amazon France and see, you can have a peek at the dragonfly she has stitched over here - I mentioned to her that there is an equally divine publication that I picked up in my local bookstore called Made in France and I've got to say that this book is a gem if you love quaint and quirky crossstitch and embroidery.

I was amazed to find this book loitering (as I tend to do) in our local bookstore. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues, and waiting for books to come from Amazon can give me a twitch. It's kinda nice to be able to support this local establishment as well - even though the book has winged its way from the USA anyways...but we wont think about that will we??

I have another project fermenting in the background....we have always had a little veggie patch on the go, yet nothing serious that could sustain us for any length of time and I'm really interested in heirloom, organic veggies too. There is a myriad of info on the net and I've been searching and reading into the wee hours dreaming of a garden of manageable proportions that would meet some if not most of our herbaceous needs. I've given my husband a bit of a shock too when I asked him how much a second hand rotary hoe would set us back....see I'm not on the best of terms with power tools and lawn edgers and the lawnmower only speaks to me when it has to...so to propose the purchase of the said rotary hoe (I'm qualified - I can vaguely remember learning how to use on in ag classes at high school - and that was quite a while ago) set him back a bit, but he seems quite comfortable with the vision of another petrol powered beast to tether in the burgeoning shed of his.

this plus this equals easy digging!!

No...we won't be getting this baby!

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Corrie said...

ohhhh I might go and look for that book since I"m in the middle of a cross stitch moment inspired by townmouse too!

I used to do a lot of cross stitch way back when I was at uni and working....oh the french love cross stitch and have the cutest things like cute little animals with bibs and tummies ready to be stitched!

it was hubby who suggested the desk lamp after I had spent 2 hours craned over my work trying to get the light on my stitch. I also just picked up a $2 bamboo hoop from Spotlight, some threads and got started! am loving it but its sloooooow going!