Saturday, May 3, 2008


If you happen to pass by our place you'll be cajoled into having a cup of tea, but I promise it wont originate from vintage buttons! Promise!
The tea cup was one of my Grandmother's - one of many she had displayed on her sideboard and only used for special occasions. This one is pretty and I wouldn't part with it, well for all the tea in China really, yet there was a polka dot set in the most wonderful gelato green that I would have welcomed with open arms.
I like to have treasures around the place that either remind me or have actually had a previous lodging with someone special to me. Like this teacup. Oh, and the frizzled up flower? It is from a dear friend's camellia, she picked it for me and I absentmindedly left int he dash of our car, like for a week, and so it seems, the dash of your car just happens to be the best place to dry floral arrangements if you please. So here it sits, patiently, reminding me of good times with a good friend.

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