Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A place to dream...

Speaking of dreams...courtesy of my letterbox again...the Everyday Living catalogue was just brimming with divineness, the most enticing being the above bedroom setting. I love the powder blue accents, the blanket box, the quilt(s?), the window seat - it just ticks all of my boxes. Funny that you don't often see many single fabric quilts - yet the effect with a beautiful fabric is quite lovely. Would equate to a 'quickish' project - yet I can't even fit in a speedy number with the gaggle of UFOs that are sapping my creative energy hanging out in increasing numbers at our house. I need a strategy, a plan of sorts to devise some sort of methodic process that will quell my quest for a new project to daydream about...and if I can end up with a clean, organised house in the process then life will be almost complete!!

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