Saturday, August 16, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

So I baked a cake as an offering to say 'sorry' xxxxx

Well the degree is now a distant memory and I'm now a working gal! YAY! I have managed to pick up quite a bit of casual work in high schools in our area - thus the prolonged absence!

Life is starting to sort itself into some kind of rhythm - accented with the ebbs and flows that come with a lively family of six. I did manage to make a dear little angel for the school raffle, yet wouldn't you know it the camera deleted the pics all by itself - I swear! Couldn't believe it! I'm driven to make another for show and tell on this Blog, but for now it's just chocolate cake, with blueberries of course...and buttermilk (my fave ingredient lately)...if you bop on over to:

you'll find a treasure trove of recipes - all for free!! I've cooked heaps (on the weekend in a frenzy now that I'm out and about during the daylight hours) you can save the recipes you like in your own recipe book - put aside a couple of hours for this adventure!


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