Monday, June 16, 2008


Well the weather here is definately dictating the events in our kitchen this week - cold and blustery winds, rain and mornings that can't quite shake the blankets of fog that envelope the start of the day...time to hang in the kitchen, warming the house with the aromas of freshly baked goodness. Like this Berry and Buttermilk cake from Apples for Jam, I couldn't think of anything more comforting for my babes to enjoy after a day at school in this winter weather.

Don't you just love the greenness of these apples? What a boost of sunshine they are - trouble is I just love having their colour in the house and want to leave them a little while longer as a ponder on what I'll create with them - apple crumble? Apple pie? Baked apples...with brown sugar and butter and lashings of cream...decisions, decisions... And to complete the berry and apple theme that seems to have taken over this post I've started to knit some little bags for a raffle at school - really simple, mindless, watching a movie inside 'cause its really cold out, type of knitting. The said movie is The Brave One starring Jodie Foster - it was such a good movie I recommend it to accompany any mindless knitting you may have.

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